1. Goal- Over coming Cancer

    I have been training with Nas for many years.  Most recently began training again being 2 years cancer free.  Nas pushes you to your limit while being aware.  He loves to see you succeed as much as you want it for yourself.  Being diagnosed with cancer gives you awareness that can't truly be described.  That's why I chose to begin training with Nas again.  He is aware of my goals, he knows m…Read More

    Elisa Slocum
  2. Goal – To Be Toned

    I have been getting training from Nas for quite some time now and I must say that his workouts are always challenging, but he also keeps it really fun at the same time. I've seen amazing results since the very beginning of training and I couldn't be happier. He is very knowledgeable, friendly, and motivating! He is the total package when it comes to finding the ideal personal trainer! Whatever you…Read More

    Paige Rehn
  3. Goal- To Lose weight and get strong, rehab hip and knee

    For the best 5+ years I have had a steady date 2x/week with Nas. These appointments are in ink. I came to Nas with several injuries, including a total hip replacement and knee pain, and with each rehabilitation I got stronger thanks to working with Nas. Recently I had hit a plateau with my workouts ~ I was strong but never felt as though I was losing weight or inches. I took Nas’s advise: it is …Read More

    Susan Oser - 62 years old
  4. Goal – To Pack On Muscle And Increase Sports Performance

    I feel extremely fortunate to be working with Nas Tarazi at Crossroads Fitness for the past 6 months.  Having entered my forties, I was feeling quite sluggish and frankly distraught at the slow-down in my metabolism and increase in weight. As a father of a young daughter, I was beginning to notice I was more irritable as a parent.  Increasingly I'd come home from work, snack, and turn on the TV…Read More

    Jeff Snyder - 43 years old
  5. Goal – Strength Training and Mobility

    I really enjoy working with Nas. For an old guy like me he has kept my muscles and heart moving, which can be a challenging thing to do when you reach my age. Each workout is a blessing and it gets me feeling good. I highly recommend Nas to all the elderly people out there. I'm doing things I never thought I can do at this age (95 years old).…Read More

    Bill Budge - 95 years old