Goal – To Pack On Muscle And Increase Sports Performance

I feel extremely fortunate to be working with Nas Tarazi at Crossroads Fitness for the past 6 months.  Having entered my forties, I was feeling quite sluggish and frankly distraught at the slow-down in my metabolism and increase in weight. As a father of a young daughter, I was beginning to notice I was more irritable as a parent.  Increasingly I’d come home from work, snack, and turn on the TV.

Nas has inspired me to change my approach and without exaggeration he has changed my life tremendously.  Not only is he an excellent trainer, he is also inspiring in his positivity and outlook on overcoming life’s obstacles. He takes my cynicism and counters it with positivity.  He inspires me to work harder and to be a better person.

Nas has taken my ideas of what a workout is and turned it upside down. We work on core strength, leg strength, flexibility and being attentive to what is ailing me.

Let’s face it…no guy wants to admit to being vain. I certainly don’t; but since working with Nas I have noticed my athleticism increase and I have received many compliments. My energy level is tremendously better. I’m far more attentive to what I’m eating and most importantly I feel I am a much better father – far more patient, far more attentive and far more active with my young daughter.
Thanks Nas!IMG_36843
Jeff Snyder - 43 years old