Goal- To Lose weight and get strong, rehab hip and knee

For the best 5+ years I have had a steady date 2x/week with Nas. These appointments are in ink. I came to Nas with several injuries, including a total hip replacement and knee pain, and with each rehabilitation I got stronger thanks to working with Nas.

Recently I had hit a plateau with my workouts ~ I was strong but never felt as though I was losing weight or inches. I took Nas’s advise: it is not only exercise but diet that will make a difference.  Nas likes to work closely with a nutritionist because when clients hit plateaus, which you will, he likes to push past them by dialing in the nutrition.

Working out harder isn’t always the answer.   “Strong is the new Skinny” and at 62 years old I am thankful to Nas for helping me to be in the best physical condition I have ever been in.

Susan Oser - 62 years old