Faster. Stronger. Better.

With a proven, systematic approach to physiological responses, fitness trainer Nas Tarazi has helped area athletes achieve the improvement in athletic and sports performance that they’ve been looking for. Turning average athletes into consistent winners is the focus of the integrative programs at Body Transformation Now. Through functional fitness training and movement and mobility exercises, Nas has helped elevate individual performance levels in all types of athletes.

Individualized Performance Programs include:

  • Foam Rolling Exercises – for increased mobility and movement
  • Hip Extension Exercises – for increased flexibility and athletic agility
  • Functional Training – for focused attention on increasing speed, endurance or strength.

Why Choose Body Transformation Now’s Sports Performance Program?

By encompassing all aspects of physiology and nutrition, Nas has effectively built a reputation for being an athlete’s best source for enhancing performance both on and off the field. Runners, baseball and football players, swimmers, and athletes of all types can attest to the improved athletic achievements brought about by Nas’ expert techniques.

Discover your better, faster, stronger self by calling Nas at Body Transformation Now and getting started on your fitness program today. Don’t waste another moment hoping for a better body, get yours now.