IMG_2898Extending beyond everyday personal training techniques, Nas Tarazi is skilled in physical rehabilitation and injury prevention for both athletes and the average person. By strengthening weak muscles and joints, Body Transformation Now clients experience unmatched functional support that is proven to improve posture, reduce muscle tension, and decrease the formation of scar tissue or adhesions.

How Body Transformation Now Techniques Aid in Rehabilitation

Using innovative physical therapy techniques and exercises, Nas helps clients recover from sports and other injuries that have diminished both physical abilities and quality of life. By utilizing exercise and rehabilitation techniques, Nas helps restore proper body alignment and balance while loosening tight or overused muscle groups. Proven to deliver phenomenal results, Nas’ techniques are coupled with foam rolling exercises for full mobility and proper movement.

Find your way back to full functionality with rehabilitation programs by personal trainer Nas at Body Transformation Now. These personalized programs are designed to address your unique challenges, as well as restore proper muscular and joint health for full functionality. If you are in need of a fitness coach or rehabilitation professional, call now!