When people think about losing weight, many of them skip straight to thinking that they have to run and do a bunch of cardio. While this is effective, it’s actually cardio combined with strength training that will help you see the best results. A strength training fitness program can help you improve your balance, your heart’s health, lose weight, and feel happier! Contrary to what you may think, strength training isn’t just for bodybuilders. Here are some of the benefits of strength training that you can receive:

Helps You Keep the Weight Off

Strength training is going to help you lose weight without a question, but it can also help you keep the weight off. A study that was conducted showed that those who did a weight training regimen three times each week saw an increased number of calories being burned throughout the day, even when they weren’t exercising. This means that you can experience the benefits of burning more calories just by including strength training into your workout routine, even after you leave the gym.

Protects Bone Health and Muscle Mass

A natural part of aging is losing strength in your bones and muscles. However, strength and fitness training can help reverse these issues! Adding strength training ensures that your muscles remain strong and continue to build, regardless of your age.

Builds Your Strength

This one seems like a no-brainer, but building your strength is one of the best parts about pursuing strength training. While lifting, you will either be performing isometric resistance, which is your muscles versus a non-moving object, or isotonic strength training, which is using your muscles through a range of motion. An isometric exercise would be a pushup, while isotonic exercises are usually those with weights. Both of these are great ways to get you into shape and lose weight quickly!

Prevents Disease

It’s true, strength training can reduce your chances of suffering from disease! It’s been shown to help alleviate arthritis pain, increase bone density in postmenopausal women, and help improve glucose in those with type 2 diabetes.

Improves Your Body’s Mechanics

Strength and fitness training can teach your body how to balance and move better than you did before. People who regularly perform strength training exercises have improved coordination and flexibility.

Boosts Energy Levels and Mood

Your endorphins, the chemicals in your brain that keep you happy, are released when you perform exercise. This means that strength training can sometimes act as an antidepressant, and it can even help you sleep better at night! Those of you with insomnia may seem some improvement when exercising regularly.

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