1. Why Strength Training Matters

    When people think about losing weight, many of them skip straight to thinking that they have to run and do a bunch of cardio. While this is effective, it’s actually cardio combined with strength training that will help you see the best results. A strength training fitness program can help you improve your balance, your heart’s health, lose weight, and feel happier! Contrary to what you may thi…Read More

  2. Welcome to Body Transformation Now!

    Hello, and welcome to Body Transformation now! Personal trainer Nas Tarazi is here to help you achieve all your weight loss and fitness goals. We understand how you might feel if you have never gone to a personal trainer before, which is why we want you to understand what exactly Nas can do for you, as well as what you will be capable of when you give your best. How Can a Personal Trainer Help Me?…Read More